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We offer a variety of innovative and comprehensive IT solutions. Our experts will work collaboratively with you to customize our offerings to your particular needs.


In today’s hyperconnected world, organizations are challenged in more ways than ever to stay ahead of the curve. This comprehensive service is designed to fit your unique needs without disrupting productivity or workflow. With our end-to-end solutions. Services include total network and Internet security, world class antivirus, network scanning, firewall monitoring, darkweb domain scanning, phishing e-mail testing, ransomware protection, all with central monitoring and alert notification real time.

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Enabling your workforce with top-notch technologies isn’t just important, but imperative for business success especially in these times of extended events such as COVID19 and others. This customization solution allows your team to work seamlessly and collaboratively in a protected space. No matter what IT services you need, The Steele Group will be there to support you every step of the way.

Real-time Systems Monitoring

The Steele Group offers an leading edge array of computer, peripheral, network device, full site monitoring and alert system which notifies our support people at the instant any component of any piece of equipment on your network goes out of  spec allowing us to respond before it becomes an expensive full blown failure.

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Cloud Computing

Our IT solutions carve the path for your organization to modernize infrastructure and optimize workflow like never before. Specializing in cloud services based of Microsoft Office 365 and others these services provide a wide variety of technological capabilities to boost efficiencies, enhance security and allow infinite scalability for future growth. With these resources and our expertise, we’ll help maximize your organization’s productivity.

Backup & Recovery

In today’s Internet connected world with all of the possible zero day ransomware accidental deletions, inclement weather, potential equipment failures just to name a few of the possible dangers the data the survival of your company is most likely completely dependent on, The Steele Group has a complete array of on-premise, off-site, and cloud backup and data recovery solutions to fit your budget and your critical needs.

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